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Brent Michael Brown

Patio Jams

Saturday, July 23rd 2-5pm | Saturday, July 30th 2-5pm

Sunday, July 31st 2-5pm | Sunday, August 7th 2-5pm

Saturday, August 13th 2-5pm | Saturday, August 20th 2-5pm

Sunday, August 21st 2-5pm

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Patio Jams

Saturday, July 23rd 6-9pm


Shaun Peace Duo

Patio Jams

Sunday, July 24th 2-5pm | Saturday, August 6th 2-5pm

Saturday, August 20th 6-9pm | Sunday, August 28th 2-5pm

Shaun Peace

Mixing the rhythms of funk and vintage soul music with the guitar-driven crunch of blues and rock & roll, Shaun Peace whips up a sound that’s both fresh and familiar. It’s a musical mixing pot that nods to his influences while also pushing into bold new territory.

Instagram #shaunpeaceband | Snapchat ShaunPeaceBand | Tik Tok @ShaunPeaceBand

Jade Elise & Small Hands

Patio Jams

Sunday, July 24th 6-9pm

Sunday, August 7th 6-9pm

Sunday, August 21st 6-9pm

Occam's Rose

Patio Jams

Saturday, July 30th 6-9pm

Occam’s Rose is the amalgam of the unique music performance experiences, composition styles, and instrumentation of Anastasia Rose and Peter Hirschhorn. Each are professional multi-instrumentalists, educators, and composers whose versatility allows them to write for and perform in virtually all settings from a small coffee shop to large concert halls to private events such as weddings and parties. Their style is alternative with a classical spin.

Anastasia and Peter, as individuals, are seasoned songwriters and performers having toured the country performing for audiences of over 20,000 as well as in their backyard of Denver, Colorado. Only months after Occam’s Rose was formed, the duo embarked on their first tour as a project and also received accolades by the Dallas Music Network and Pick Simply’s online music blog. 

Occam’s Rose writes music with a story. Each song the duo writes represents a moment fixed in musical time that is elaborated on through their intricate melodies, rich harmonies, and sophisticated rhythmic structure. Having been likened to Florence + The Machine, Regina Spektor, and Thank You Scientist, Occam’s Rose aims to continue this legacy in their debut album to be released in 2022. 

Marina and Steve McCloud

Patio Jams

Sunday, July 31st 6-9pm


Marina and Steve McCloud

Zeb Jenkins

Patio Jams

Sunday, August 14th 6-9pm

Sunday, August 27th 6-9pm

It’s Britney, Bitch

Adam Stigall

Patio Jams

Saturday, August 27th 2-5pm

Blake SinBad

Patio Jams

Sunday, July 3rd 6-9pm

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